Our Legal Business Department is mainly in charge of legal business operation and management. These lawyers and consultants have strong business capability and provide professional and yearlong legal service for central enterprises, the subordinate subsidiaries, local state-owned companies, Sino-foreign joint venture, Sino-foreign cooperation, wholly foreign-owned enterprises, other limited liability companies and incorporated enterprises during their establishment, reconstruction, separation, merger, recombination, liquidation, bankruptcy and others.

Business scope

◆Legal service during company establishment:
(1) Design equity structure, statutes and avert risks;
(2) company establishment, separation, assets transfer, equity transfer, inheritance and pledge;
(3) design and improve the company system innovation and corporate governance structure.


◆ Legal service during individual investment:
(1) capital operation and projects plan;
(2) property right trade;
(3) company merger, purchase, reconstruction and combination;
(4) assets disposal.

◆ Shareholding reform:
(1) Make the shareholding reform normative, offer consultation and guidance;
(2) give consultation in capital reconstruction, financial reconstruction and personnel reconstruction during shareholding reform.

◆ Company listing and securities business:
(1) issue legal opinion for IPO as lawyer of publisher;
(2) offer legal review and issue legal opinion for the listed company during refinancing;
(3) carry out legal review and issue legal opinion for share acquisition and assets transformation between listed companies and between listed company and non-listed company;
(4) carry out legal review and issue legal opinion for bond and convertible bond of listed company or non-listed company;
(5) serve as legal consultant for principal underwriter;
(6) authenticate the legal service during shareholders’ meeting in listed company.