Our Financial Legal Business Department involves the daily operation, deposit and loan, financing, note, bond, trust, lease and other businesses of financial institutions. Our lawyers have offered the yearlong or special legal consultants for many commercial banks and non-bank financial institutions. These consultants need to partake in legal consultation/design financing and other cases in the financial trade, in addition, the due diligence, negotiation, legal documents preparation are also involved. Meanwhile, they are also obliged to help customers to enter into the emerging financial service fields.

Business scope

◆ General credit business, trade financing, commodity financing, letter of indemnity business, financial retail business and other daily legal affairs of bank;

◆ Review the business compliance and put forward constructive solutions for bank and non-bank financial institutions;

◆ Help foreign-funded institutions to set up financial agencies;

◆ Help the overseas financial institutions to participate in debt reconstruction and bankruptcy liquidation of domestic financial agencies;

◆ Put forward legal opinions for bank during its export credit business;

◆ Draft the loan contract, negotiate with bank consortium, offer legal opinions and issue the formal legal opinions;

◆ Design the financial leasing projects, draft contract, partake in negotiation and issue legal opinions;

◆ Participate in the mergers and acquisitions, reconstruction, insurance product design and other projects of insurance institutions, offer legal due diligence and issue legal opinions;

◆ Provide legal services related to asset securitization and financial derivatives.

◆ Offer legal service related to letter of credit, commercial bill and futures trading business, and offer constructive solutions;

◆ Trust legal service

(1) offer the professional consultation opinions to trust company if its collective assets plan is trapped in legal risks;

(2) design the flexible and well-targeted trust scheme for enterprise, insurance company, securities company, bank, guarantee company and funds, and provide plan and legal opinions in the trust plan design and new trust product development, such as, employee stock ownership plan, management buy-out, commercial ownership change, account receivable utilization, asset securitization design, etc.;

(3) partake in public trust and other trust plans.