Our lawyer team is made up of senior attorneys who once worked in judicial, financial sectors and governments. As interdisciplinary talents who are rich in law theory and experience, they are able to offer multidimensional legal services for customers. Except for that, our firm has also established mighty consultant team that contains distinguished experts and scholars in law or other professional areas of expertise, the experienced certified public accountants, certified architects, certified tax agents, etc.


In accordance with “diligent, high efficient, fast and professional” principle, we also value team spirits. That means we will ask our partners, lawyers and professional consultant team to set up special workgroup for our promised projects and cases, providing the high-quality and efficient services for customers.

Our firm has Financial Business Department, Non-performing Assets Treatment Department, Business Department, Integrated Consultant Department and others. In addition, our lawyer team that possesses extensive social resources in financial investment and financial fields has got rich experience and remarking achievements in financial legal services.